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Promethos Capital is a Boston-based investment boutique focused on Global equity investments.  Our investment team has decades of investment experience in global markets, which we use to employ an active investment process that integrates Quantitative, Fundamental and Sustainability analysis with thoughtful risk management to build concentrated portfolios of companies with long term return potential. We are employee-owned and majority women-owned.

About Our CIO

Ivka Kalus

CIO, Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner

1Ratings based on three year track record of International Equity composite and mutual fund KCIIX as of December 31, 2018. The ratings shown are mutual fund ratings compiled by Citywire, Lipper Refinitiv, Morningstar, Inc. SEE IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES AT THE END OF TEAM PAGE

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Don’t Supersize Me: Smaller Homes for Net-Zero

Release Date: 04/22/2022

Home buyer preferences, building codes and government incentives are at odds with the path to a net-zero carbon economy. America’s residential housing energy requirements contribute roughly 20% of total US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Despite efforts towards energy efficiency and lower embedded carbon, average house sizes in the US and the world are increasing. A glaring example are “McMansions,” ostentatious 3,000+ square foot homes that prioritize size and impressive curb appeal over quality and longevity, and satisfy homebuyer preferences for larger living spaces to accommodate home offices and gyms.

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Investment Strategies

Building concentrated, high active share portfolios with strong ESG characteristics.

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  • Global Climate Resilience Strategy
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