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We are an employee-owned and majority women-owned institutional investment boutique focused on ethical global equity investments. Our investment team has decades of investment experience in values-based (ESG/SRI ) equity investing, including managing one of the first global women's leadership funds. Our active investment process integrates Risk Management, Quantitative, Fundamental and ESG analysis to generate Alpha.

About our CIO

Ivka Kalus
CIO, Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner

1Ratings based on three year track record of International Equity composite and mutual fund KCIIX as of December 31, 2018. The ratings shown are mutual fund ratings compiled by Citywire, Lipper Refinitiv, Morningstar, Inc. SEE IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES AT THE END OF TEAM PAGE 

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All Investing Has Impact

Release Date: 06/30/2022

Let’s dispense with the myth that impact investing is a separate category from traditional investing. All investing has impact. The question is not if there is impact but whether an investor takes that impact into account when allocating investment capital. Ignoring impact could be considered negligent investing.

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Investment Strategies

Building concentrated, high active share portfolios with strong ESG characteristics.

  • Promethos Capital offers five long-only strategies:
  • Global Climate Resilience, International Equity & International ADR, Global Equity and Global Small Cap Gender Forward

ESG is part of our DNA and integrated into all portfolios

By including ESG criteria in the screening as well as fundamental evaluation of securities considered for all Promethos portfolios, our strategies are consistent with the principles and rules associated with socially responsible and ESG investing. Clients should expect both good stewardship as well as a reasonable return on investment--these objectives are not incompatible.  Our process is designed to build portfolios that align with client values, while seeking to deliver returns around the alpha potential in those values using our rigorous investment process.



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