Valuing Your Values


Like nature, markets are infinitely complex and interconnected. In both, diversity is key to adapting to constant change.

Diversity—of identity, background, perspective, and approach—allows us to evolve, adapt, and discover new investment opportunities.


Progress and improvement begin with asking the right questions.

Humility—to continuously identify areas to learn and improve—creates a culture of open-mindedness to ask the questions needed to build the best portfolios for our clients’ needs.


Bias, both unconscious and conscious, is part of life. Bias contributes to societal dysfunction if not identified and mitigated, which can lead to poor risk management and alpha myopia.

Objectivity—to constantly seek to identify where our bias lies—enables us to mitigate effects of bias with technology, process, discipline, and self-reflection.

Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual laziness and shortcuts can lead to easy answers, but poor investment outcomes.

Intellectual curiosity—to challenge ourselves to rigor and intensive analysis—ensures we incorporate market complexity and nuance into our investment decisions.


For our clients, communities, investments, and for each other—unites us in our shared values.

All the stakeholders who make up our investment ecosystem have important things to teach us, so we listen and learn.

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