Investment Process

Proven Investment Process

Our investment philosophy and process are tailored to address the complex markets we face today, which evolve and change rapidly due to the proliferation of market participants and information.  We believe that market complexity creates investment opportunities that can be observed and captured.  We leverage technology to uncover alpha, and apply quantitative and big data tools to help maintain objectivity in our decision making.  

We combine this with decades of fundamental investing expertise in a 360-degree approach to fundamental research, including an evaluation of material ESG practices, SDG progress and impact. The result are high active share portfolios that have broad exposure across regions and sectors, and measurably superior ESG characteristics relative to the benchmark.

Our Beliefs

The dual mandate of stewardship and returns are not incompatible. Our process ensures we are true to our values and client-focused mission. At Promethos Capital these objectives are not mutually exclusive.


Portfolio Features and Characteristics

  • High active share in excess of 90%
    While broadly diversified, portfolio holdings are concentrated in sizeable positions in companies we believe capture favorable risk-reward opportunities that reflect the stated values of the strategy.
  • Turnover <40%
    By doing significant fundamental research and due-diligence before investing, our goal is to find and maintain positions that can deliver on the values and performance goals of the strategy over extended periods of time, and therefore cut down on unnecessary and costly turnover.
  • ESG is part of our DNA and integrated into all portfolios
    By including ESG criteria in the screening as well as fundamental evaluation of securities considered for all Promethos portfolios, all Promethos Capital’s Strategies are consistent with the principles and criteria associated with socially responsible investing, also known as environmental, social and governance ("ESG") investing.


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