Promethos Global Small Cap Gender Forward

Strategy Characteristics:

InceptionSept 1, 2019
BenchmarkMSCI World Small
Position Size5% Maximum
Holdings45 to 65
Active Share>90%
Top 10 Holdings20%-30%
Market Cap SMID (Mid & Small Cap)
Tracking Error3%–5%

Portfolio Management

Ivka Kalus

Ivka Kalus - Founder, CIO, Portfolio Manager

Seizing the alpha opportunity in gender-diverse investing.

Studies1 have shown that companies with gender-diverse leadership have above market-average: profitability, value creation, innovation, risk management, employee retention/productivity and ESG scores. This leads to investment opportunities that offer financial returns and social impact to close the gender gap.

1McKinsey, Credit Suisse, BCG, BOA, MSCI Studies 2016-2018

Gender Equality Facts

Gender Diverse Boards Outperform

Gender Diverse Boards Outperform Graph

Investment Strategy

The strategy utilizes a sector and region-neutral risk-controlled framework that seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation and excess returns relative to the MSCI World Small Cap Index. The portfolio invests in companies that exhibit attractive risk/return profiles and favorable ESG characteristics. The strategy combines a quantitative and fundamental investment approach that invests in companies that benefit from gender diverse leadership and advance the participation of women in the boardroom and in executive roles. To fully reflect the benefit of gender diversity, our goal is to achieve significantly better portfolio diversity characteristics than the benchmark. 

Minimum Inclusion Criteria
At least two women on the boardAt least 20% of portfolio companies will have woman CEO, CFO, COO or CTOPortfolio has at least 30% more women on boards, in management and in C-suite than benchmark
Impact ResultsPortfolioBenchmark% Better
Women on Boards36%20%75%
Women Executives29%18%64%
Women in C Suite58%9%547%
ESG Disclosure342726%
ISS Quality4532%
S&P Global Env Rank493348%
Scope 1 GHG/Sales12246374%
Scope 2 GHG/Sales207674%
% Unionized37%21%77%

All data as of September 30, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Respect, Diversity, Intellectual Curiosity & Rigor, Objectivity and Humility

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