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What does Promethos Mean?

Promethos is the Promise of Ethos contained in our mission to invest with values aligned with those of our clients. Each member of our team spent decades in the investment business wanting to be part of something better- so we joined together to build an investment company around a culture of Respect, Diversity, Intellectual Curiosity & Rigor, Objectivity and Humility = Promethos.

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The Promethos Process 

The Promethos investment process has been developed and refined over our team’s long portfolio management careers. Our iterative quantamental process is evolved to arbitrage inefficiencies across the investment universe and to manage risk/reward in order to build high alpha-potential portfolios.

A key feature of our process is managing unknown and unintentional risks by using advanced quantitative tools to constantly monitor our vast global universe of securities. This, combined with a humble and open-minded approach to investing, helps us in our goal to avoid “Alpha myopia.”

Simply put, our process gives us the conviction that we are focusing our attention on the right pool of stocks to dig into fundamentally and to build out our portfolios.

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Promethos is 100% employee-owned and majority woman owned. Always following our mission statement, Promethos is designed to meet the client's needs from investment strategies to the back office service. In keeping with our commitment to seek alignment with our clients,  a meaningful portion of our employees' net-worth is invested alongside our client accounts. 

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